Green Door - dance film | trailer
A visual approach to dance therapy presents a poetic portrait of life's conflicts.

directed, shot and cut by Renzo Vasquez

choreography and performance by Silvia Razuk

choreography and performance by Neda Ponzoni

colorist Edwin Metternich, Framestore, London

music by Luca Sammuri

produced by Renzo Vasquez

assistant production Silvia Razuk and Alain Ngaleu

behind the scenes Alain Ngaleu

Festivals and screenings

Art.Vision - Düsseldorf, Germany

Official Selection

Dança em Foco - International Festival of Vídeo and Dance - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Official Selection

Electric Eclectic - Film & Music Event - London, England

Official Selection

Festival Internacional Danzalborde - Chile

Official Selection

Festival Mercado Livre da Dança - Flux Cia de Dança - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Official Selection

Instalação VIVO - São Paulo, Brazil

Official Selection

II FORUM ZAP 1 2 3 - Cataguases / MG, Brazil

Official Selection